Hong Kong Day Two

Mar 8, 2008 by Josh Gray-Emmer


I woke up late after a long night of partying, and headed over to City Hall for what is widely regarded as the best Dim Sum in Hong Kong. The place was packed. After a 45 minute wait I took my seat in the monstrous dining hall. Chinese women screamed out the names of dishes as they pushed steaming carts between the tables. The view over HK Harbor was fantastic and the food was amazing.. the perfect cure for a hang over.

After lunch I wandered around Hong Kong, exploring the Central District some more till I got a call from Jay, it was time to go to The Country Club! The place was really nice. We relaxed and had snacks, I read my guidebook while Jason played tennis. A few hours later we headed out to get ready for another night on the town.

Tonight's festivities started at Zuma, a high end sushi bar atop the Landmark Mandarin Hotel. Then off to Beirut for some hookah and then back to Dragon-I for drinks. Yet another fantastic Hong Kong night!!


8th March 2008

 by Josh Gray-Emmer