Jay picked me up in the lobby of my hotel (chauffeured car of course) and we headed over to Danny's pad (the only 2 story flat in his building overlooking Hong Kong Harbor). After hanging out for a bit and downing some TUBE VODKA, we took the car over to Lan Kwai Fong, the party district of Hong Kong.

This once rat infested, seedy series of streets is now closed off to cars and overflowing with a newly upper-class Cantonese crowd, tourists and expats alike. There we were greeted at the door of a posh Italian joint by the GM who know the boys well (this will become a regular occurrence all night). He quickly bought us a round of beers and showed us to our table. I ordered the black ink and truffle risotto and we sat for 2 hours sipping drinks over amazing conversation, before heading over to Beruit, a nearby hookah bar. Once again the boys were greeted with hugs by the owners. The place wasn't hoppn enough for them so we headed down a tiny back alley over a group of restaurants to arrive in a crowded bar for a few more G&Ts.

From there it was a whirl wind of 4 more bars including one on the 28th floor of a HK hotel and the famous Dragon-i where the line parted to let us in. There's no question that Jay and Danny rule the town here. Inside I even ran into Dino, one of my partners at Goa (small freekn world to run into someone I know my first night in Hong Kong).

Sometime around 3am Jay and his new girlfriend skipped out to head home (she's super cool and very hot - check the pics), and Danny was in full prowler mode, so I headed down the block to Propaganda, one of the HK gay clubs. The music was poppn and I danced for another 45 before hopping in a cab to go home and pass out.. I don't know how the rest of the trip is gonna stack up... but today was one hell of a great way to start it.


7th March 2008

 by Josh Gray-Emmer