Once again the hard bed got me up early. I've been reviewing hotels and it seems that rock hard beds are common in Hong Kong, so be ware to anyone thinkn of traveling here. I watched some news and waited for the boys to wake up since we were supposed to go out on Danny's boat today. When no one answered my texts, I decided to stuff my bag with the essentials and head out for the day anyway.

I've been hemorrhaging cash (everything in HK is freekn expensive!) so I ate at a local chinese fast food place. It was much more the traditional joint I had been looking for over the last several days. All sorts of noodle dishes and meats with sauces over rice. The place was PACKED. So I grabbed something off the menu and clamored for a seat at a table with a bunch of Thai women. The meal was hot, delicious, fresh and only a few bucks. Perfect.

Then I headed over to my favorite Starbucks in Lan Kwai Fong for a little afternoon coffee and internet. There I learned that the boys were all just getting up and WAAY to hung over for boating today. No problem, I wanted to explore the Wan Chai district anyway. So I booked my hotel for the next 9 days (after walking over and checking out the rooms of course), and hopped on the Hong Kong MTR (subway). WOW, I wish LA had something like this. It's like a small underground city. Complete with shops, and bustling crowds making their way all over town. Cheap, (my round trip cost me $1.50) clean and efficient it was amazing.

Now to my destination. Electronics heaven. 289 Hennessy St. WOW. If it has buttons and circuits, it's here. I wandered the maze of small shops each peddling a slew of cameras, flash drives, phones and ipods. I had to keep getting out my phone to convert the prices and was sadly disappointed that once again, though things looked amazingly cool, they were certainly NOT cheap. Maybe I'll have better luck on Mainland China.

Afterwards I consulted my trusty Lonley Planet Guidebook (thanks Rosenthal) and headed a few blocks away to the Chinese Arts and Crafts store. There I found everything one could ever want at prices starting at $500 and going up from there. My favorite had to be the pair of hard carved 7 foot long solid Mammoth tusks priced at very reasonable 1.5M. Back to the guidebook for a spa. I was definitely massage time.

Danny had suggested this place called Happy Feet, but it wasn't listed in the book. So I got out my map, got back on the MTR and worked my way towards the address of Ellis Day Spa. It just happened to be above my favorite Starbucks and looked very very nice, and of course.. $120 for a one hour massage.. damn it. I thanked the woman and hopped back in the elevator. Then I noticed, Happy Feet... floor 19.. why not? It was perfect.. just what i was looking for. 50 minute foot massage.. $20 bucks.. jackpot. :)

While I was there I met Adam, Collin and Jay, all locals. We had a wonderful conversation and they invited me to join them at Lux after for a drink. We spent hours talking before we finally said goodbye and I headed over to Rat Alley (it's a term of endearment, there are NO rats lol) for some Thai food. The curry was perfect. I sat and read for a bit before heading back to my hotel. The earliest night yet... 10:30pm... but who knows.. maybe I'll go out later! :P

Posted 9th March 2008 by Josh Gray-Emmer