Wednesday -

The 6am wake up call wasn't too bad because we didn't party the night before. We made breakfast together downed some coffee and before we knew it our driver was there. It was a 1 and a half hour drive through
the jungle to the National Park. Along the way we had to pass over two "Oh My God" bridges... that means well... have a look at the pics and you'll understand. Its the real version of the rickety old bridge at Universal Studios. When we arrived we started our 2 hour tour through the jungle and along the beach. It was stunning. At the end of the first part we stopped at a protected cove in the middle of the park where people were lying on the beach soaking in the sun. So we joined then for an hour, playing in the water and fighting off the raccoons who seemed to just wander up and down the beach checking out the people and trying to steal food. After our break we hiked another 45 minutes out of the park to our tour bus and were off to lunch. The
food here is great but the places we're eating at seem pretty americanized, I guess its about giving the tourists what they're familiar with, but we're for sure gonna have to find some authentic food before we go.

On our way back we stopped along the roadside for some local shopping and the girls picked up some dresses and sarongs. All of us passed out on the ride home... When we got back, Steph and I hopped right into the pool and swam for a bit before heading back to the condo to throw some hotdogs on the grill. Basicly we just drank, chilled and veged out for the rest of the night. Enjoying the beautiful resort and the Costa Rican weather.

Posted 5th December 2007 by Josh Gray-Emmer