Thursday -

Thursday we got up early again and caught a ride to our catamaran a few hours away waiting to take us to Tortuga Island. It was a brisk 2 hours boat ride and all of us turned nicely pink in the hot sun along the way. Then we arrived at a gorgeous island in the middle of the ocean where the turtles lay their eggs. Its a protected island and in the off season when the turtles are away, tourists are allowed on the other side of the island. There was an entire community set up on the beach for us. Complete with a dining villa and lounge chairs. We promptly signed up for snorkeling and hopped on a boat to another small island a few minutes boat ride away. Not quite Hawaii, but still beautiful fish of all colors. The tour guide happened to have a bag of fish food and they came flocking. After swimming around for a bit, we made our way back to the island for lunch and a few hours of laying out. On the boat ride home it started to rain and when it got hard we all rushed inside. There was dancing and Noel even threw down some Merenge with the captain. We had a great time and ended up meeting some fantastic people on the trip. Once again we all passed out on the ride back to the Jaco. We stopped in town for some sushi and made our way back to the resort for some rest before an evening out. This time we were determined to make it into town.... and we did. The Jungle Club provided a backdrop for our evening of drinking and debotchery... Noel even met a boy ;) In bed by 4am, definitely sleeping in tomorrow.

Posted 6th December 2007 by Josh Gray-Emmer