Tuesday -
Waking up at 9am seemed too early despite the 8+ hours of sleep we all got. After a quick breakfast we were picked up by a van and taken deep into the jungle where a friendly bunch of Tikos met us, got us suited up and ready for the Canapy Tour! After a brisk and stunning 15 minute hike through the jungle passing waterfalls and huge trees we arrived at the first treetop bridge.... hands on the bar, sit down, and your off! Zipping across the jungle and break-neck speeds was fantastic and a LOT of fun. Our guides were funny and hot.. a great combo when your doing something that might seem a little dangerous. After 11 zip lines
and a rope swing across the jungle for 2 hours we arrived back at basecamp... it was entirely too soon and I think the pictures give you a small taste of just how much fun we had. We said our goodbyes and headed back to Jaco for some lunch. Things in this small Costa Rican ocean town are freekn pricey. I think we were all expecting to pay centeral american prices.. tuns out with the weak dollar (thanks Bush) everything's pretty much american prices. After a few more beers at our favorite bar on the beach and a quick walk along the water we headed back to the resort to change into our swim suits and hit the

Steph and I walked around to the main pools at the Marriot part of the resort and passed out in the sun for two hours. Thank goodness for clouds and sun screen or we'd be baked. Then we came back and hopped in the golf cart and headed down the road out of the resort to the grocery store.. it was a nutty trip traveling the pot hole filled road in the cart and the store was farther than we thought. However, we were successful and now we're about to grill some steaks before going out for another night on the town... more later!!

Tim came back to the condo to join us for our night on the town with news that we would be picked up at 7am the following morning for our tour of Manual Antonio National Park. With that in mind, and having
already had a full day we decided to forget about the party and get some sleep, but not before having a wonderful bbq and dinner together and a few more beers. :)

Posted 4th December 2007 by Josh Gray-Emmer