I arrived in Prague and promptly met some Americans who helped guide me on the proper metro to get to my hotel. It was MUCH nice then I thought it would be. I hung out for a bit got my berings and decided to walk around the town. This place is simply amazing. I can't believe that all the buildings look the way they do. Everything is old and ornate. Even the most simple buildings are gorgeous. I picked up a few things I needed grabbed some dinner and a beer and headed back to the hotel. I got an e-mail from the Americans telling me to head over to a bar near my hotel, and when I google-mapped it, it was only a block away.. so of course, I had to go. There were only a few people there and the Americans weren't one of them, but I met some very nice British girls and Swedish boys and we all had a killer night. We even made plans to hang out the next day.

The following morning I got up and walked around town before meeting the British girls on the Charles Bridge to go explore Prague Castle. On the way we stopped for lunch and drinks. The castle was fantastic and the views from the castle were spectacular. I took so many pics because I was just so blown away. Having the girls around made exploring Prague a bit more fun for today. We had some ice-cream on the way back to out hotels and made plans to meet later tonight.