Prague Days Five and Six 

We were joined by some of their friends for a great Columbian meal and several hours of conversation before hopping on a tram to head out to a few bars for some more drinks.. that meant Absinthe shots for me! I love the stuff, tastes great and gets you f**^ed up!! Plus the whole ritual is fun. 

After that the girls recommended a good gay club for me to check out that I hadn't tried yet, and the Swedes decided to go with me for a drink since it was on the way to their next place, and they're way cool dudes. The place was HOPPIN. Packed with fun, hot people and playing great music. I said goodbye to the boys and spent the next few hours dancing and meeting people. Closing out the night again around 5am. Perfect last night on my trip. 

Sunday I got up early and packed, checked out of the hotel and went to The Globe for some drinks and breakfast. It was raining, so I spent a few hours there before getting called by the boys to meet up for lunch, and a recap of the previous nights debauchery. 

We walked across Prague to Bohemian Bagel, a KILLER resturant that I wish I had found at the begining of my trip. We even ran into one of our friends from dinner the night before. After a great lunch we walked around Prague Square and across the Charles Bridge before crossing back and hitting an Absinthe shop so I could bring home a bottle of the Green Fairy. I said a final goodbye to the boys and headed back to my hotel to write my last blog entry of my actual trip... if there's another it will simply be about my 2 days of travel home. I have to catch the night train to Frankfurt tonight and then my flight home tomorrow. 

Its been an amazing trip. I met a bunch of great people that I'm sure (thanks to Facebook) I'll keep in touch with. The Swedes are planning a trip to LA in the fall so it will be fun to show them around my neck of the woods. So many great and new experiences, it's sad to see it end. However, I will be happy to get back to my friends and my bed, my job and my family, all are missed. Thanks to everyone who stayed in touch with me, and read my blog, hope it wasn't too boring (I know on some of them I wrote a LOT of details :P). 

So alas, from Prague, goodbye.... 

Posted 6th April 2008 by Josh Gray-Emmer