The following day I woke up and headed out despite having less than 4 hours of sleep I had downed a lot of water the night before and was ready to go. I headed for some lunch at an Indian restaurant in SoHo (crazy expensive, just like everything else here), and then walked over to a coffee shop to charge my camera and read and relax.

While I was there Adnan happen to walk by with to other friends of his visiting from Australia. Perfect timing. Over the next couple hours we walked around London, hopped on a double decker red bus and explored the city. Late in the afternoon I went home, changed and left to meet Manny (DJ at Heaven, who is Tom and my friend from LA), for dinner.

We ate at this really cool japanese place with long communal tables and people chatting loudly over soba and sushi. Afterwards we walked over to a few clubs and Manny introduced me to some friends of his at Incognito. He then left to go work at Heaven Lounge and I hung out there for a few hours before finally heading over to Heaven at midnight.

Four rooms dominated the place and I made friends instantly with a group of hotties. There I danced the night away, finally making my way home on the night bus at 6am as the sun was coming up. Another crazy day in London.

Posted 24th March 2008 by Josh Gray-Emmer