I woke up just as we were landing, a perfect nights sleep thanks to earplugs provided by the stewardesses when a baby onboard decided to start screaming. I grabbed my stuff and headed on the train and then the tube to my hotel. It was pretty easy to find. The place I was staying in Paddington was pretty small.. make that VERY small.. I was paying more than I was in Hong Kong and it was even smaller... hard to believe. But it was clean and modern and I didn't plan on spending much time there anyway. I went to an internet cafe nearby and made some skype calls, checked my mail and tubed it up to SoHo.

I think I've died and gone to gay heaven. This place is both modern and surrounded by history. Classy yet fun. Everyone here seems to be gorgeous in many sort of ways. Not the typical Los Angles superficial hot, but sophisticated, well dressed, smart, and with accents!! Every person with their own distinct personas.

The streets here are full of mixed crowds and packed with coffee shops restaurants and bars. I'm really looking forward to going out tonight. I know that 3 days here will not be enough, but I can tell already that I might spend more here in 3 days than all 14 in Hong Kong... shopping is almost out of the question and food alone will put me in the poor house. Everything here costs as much as in the states, but since it's the British Pound it's really twice (or more) as expensive. Oh well.. you only live once, and it's been a long time since I was in London. Cheers!

So after hanging out for a bit I went over to a nearby pub for a drink.. there I met a couple nice dudes who recommended that I check out Fire in another section of town later that night.. I had a few beers and chatted it up before heading down the street to G-A-Y bar for another few beers.

There I met a whole bunch of people. Everyone in London is so nice and easy to talk to. Not to mention really good looking. Upstairs I met Gary, Danny and Collin. Gary the tall blond and I hit it off instantly. We spent the next 2 hours chatting and talking and drinkn... then Gary and I cabbed it back to my pad to drop of my stuff and hang out for a bit before meeting the other boys back out for dinner at a traditional British restaurant. I had the fish and chips of course.

We then hit a few more bars before I finally said good bye to them and met up with Adnan who is Mike Rosenthal's friend from New York. Adnan was really cute and way fun too. We walked around soho for some more drinks before heading over to Popstars which was NUTS. Maybe like 4000 people spread over 4 levels and at least 6 different rooms. Everyone was excited for Gossip to be performing... but I was just enjoying the dancing and the hot guys. Sometime around 4am I left the club and hopped in a cab with some nice Icelandic ladies and headed back to Paddington to crash...

Posted 22nd March 2008 by Josh Gray-Emmer