Day thirteen started late, I packed up all my stuff knowing that I wouldn't have time for any of that in the evening or tomorrow. Then I headed out for one more round in Hong Kong.. Danny called me around 1pm and I went over to his offices to pick up the Visa I would need to visit China the following day. I was determined to spend one more day there before i left town.

While I was there his business partner JC showed up. Really nice guy and a ball of energy. I learned that he was Jackie Chan's son (Danny really does know everyone). JC was hungry so we followed him down the block to a tiny hole in the wall serving just want I wanted, truly authentic Chinese food. We're talking a stand up resturant where they mixed the sauces and hot water and added fish balls and squid with noodles. It was scrumptious... totally hit the spot and it was like 2 bucks. JC was still hungry so we headed a few blocks over to another spot for some more authentic chinese, some garlic covered pork over vegies which we all split.

Then we parted ways and I headed back to the hotel to get ready for the evening. I was very glad that I had thought to bring a few nice outfits with me because this was a dress up event. The Hong Kong Races. More money is made in one race than in all of the racing on every track in the US all year. Danny is a voting member at the track, and had a box on the top level. When I arrived we were ushered up to the top lounge (very exclusive), and I started betting..... damn a loss. We stayed upstairs for a few races, talking drinking and betting. I was only wagering hte minimum but I was loosing every race, no worries, gambling definitely made watching it more fun. For the final race we went down to the owners level (Danny's friends have their own horses in the races of course) and watched from the finish line, right on the track.. I bet once more and this time did quite well.. winning all my money for all the other races back and just a little bit more... BRILLIANT!

After that we headed over to Beruit for a few drinks before once again going up to Dragon-I to meet up with the boys from Maroon 5. There were a ton of people there that I knew and after almost 2 weeks there I had plenty of friends to chat with as I got my drink on. The USC kids even showed up for a bit. I really dig Mitch, super cool and a lot of fun, we drank till around 3am before reluctantly parting ways, I was bummed that he was with his friends and couldn't stay longer or come back with me. Amazing day.

Posted 22nd March 2008 by Josh Gray-Emmer