So I woke up late again this morning, but it was Sunday so I suppose that's ok. I ventured over to my favorite bookstore and picked up the next book by Dave Berry, "The Templar Legacy," I've really been enjoying his action packed historical based novels on my trip. I also grabbed a quick lunch at a local noodle house and sat for a cup of coffee and some blogging at my home base Starbucks. A lazy relaxing day. Totally what I needed.

Late in the afternoon I heard from Adam (the Microsoft exec that I met at Happy Foot a week earlier) called me (we'd been texting all week) and suggested that we meet for another Happy Foot massage around 6. Of course, how could I refuse, I'm quickly becoming addicted to that place and it's $20 massages. :) We enjoyed a perfect one hour massage and chatted about my stay in HK. Then we ventured downstairs for some more coffee and decided we should grab a bite to eat together before calling it a night. Collin (his friend who I had met last week) even joined us for a delicious seshwan meal.

As we were walking over we discussed how convenient living in HK really is. From the compact nature of the city, to the easy and cheap transportation.. but the thing that really made me thing twice about moving here is this - The Amahs. They are maids from Singapore or The Philippines. His comes 3 times a week. Cleans the whole house. Does any cooking or errands he might need including all laundry and dishes. She even does all his shopping. All this.. for $300US a month!!! CRAZY! and for the price he pays, maybe a little bit more, she could be a living-in Amah and basically do everything, everyday. NUTS. I'm moving here. :P

Dinner was great and the conversation even better. I really like Adam, he's a great guy who's accomplished a lot and traveled all over the world for being so young. Very inspiring. After dinner we said goodbye and I headed back to the hotel to read my book and watch stupid movies on my hotel TV with another friend who came over to the hotel and kept me company till around 3 when we finally passed out.