1. It’s my neighborhood bar, do you have one? You should. It’s the closest. Invade and make it yours. Two beers, three times a week or more is appropriate. (I’ve fallen behind since I moved to my new pad)
  2. The staff is small and consistent. They work hard, know their shit and know you too. 
  3. There are only two door people, they know you too
  4. The food is simple and delicious, comes out on time, and complements the beer
  5. There is low/no music so talking to friends is easy
  6. When there are communal things on TV, it’s on there - sports etc. 
  7. Outdoor seating allows you to people watch in our kick ass small town… and smoke (whoops, now anymore)
  8. So many selections of beer, so little time (thoughtfully picked and regularly changed up)
  9. Always packed means always fun… yes I mean always. 
  10. They have a full bar for all your friends that don’t drink beer, simple smart liquor picks.