A few things to remember. DTLA is not Hollywood and it’s not Silverlake. Stop trying so damn hard. You can be yourself at MOST places in DTLA with no worry at all of standing out. Of course if your trying to attract someone, be your very best self. There are some notable exceptions. 


Most of the suit and tie daytime places stay suit and tie at night. That means if you’re going to Noe, wear a button up. No jacket is needed if the weather is nice. Bottega is dress to impress but don’t feel like you need to, they’re happy for all the neighborhoodie biz. Crocker, Edison and The Standard all have dress codes, as do most of Cedd Moses’s places. Just don’t be a slob at Cedds, have some style and no baseball caps and you’re good. For the others, make sure your shoes aren’t tennies, your shirts got buttons and you’re hatless. 


LA Live is a Hollywood extension at all their late night drinking and partying spots so just follow the standard old Hollywood rules, more girls than guys, buttons ups, blah blah blah. Everywhere south of The Core is no dress code at all, including the brand new sick Warehouse District spot Villians so come as you are.