If these sound like you, it’s time to pack your bags and move to Bali. You don’t even need to visit first, just take a leap. You won’t regret it.

1 - You Can Work From Anywhere

If you’ve got a job that can be done remotely, like designer, coder, engineer, consultant or pretty much any other creative occupation, you can probably work remotely, and Bali’s got a plethora of great co-working spots for you to grab some fiber and make your cash. 

2 - You Enjoy Meeting People From All Over The World

Bali is like the melting pot of the world. People from literally everywhere come to this island hoping to start a new life, explore nature, learn about themselves and party! It’s got a vibrant expat community and welcoming locals that mingle happily with the four million tourists who make the trek every year. 

3 - You Like Traveling To Other SEA Locations

Bali is centrally located in South East Asia and provides easy access to locations like Singapore, Vietnam, Cambodia, Kuala Lumpur, Thailand and every island getaway in-between. Surprisingly, it also has super cheap access to places like Tokyo ($350USD RT) and Hong Kong ($220USD RT). Be sure to use SkyScanner or Google Flight Tracker to get the best rates. 

4 - You Like Beaches, Temples, Rice Fields And Waterfalls

From surf breaks, and black-sand hideaways to sparkling white beaches and crystal clear always-warm water, Bali has it all. There’s a temple every 100 yards, terraced rice fields covering the entire island and plenty of hidden waterfalls to grab Instagram photos under. 

5 - You Like Saving Money

Holy crap this island is affordable. It may not be one of the top ten cheapest locations in the world, but it’s certainly number eleven. The local food will run you a few dollars for a spectacular meal and the beers are two bucks a pop. Not to mention the fact that almost everything else you could want from a private villa to a moto are about 1/10 the cost of the US, and 1/20th the cost of Europe. 

6 - You Like Massages

Every other block has a bunch of massage places. Balinese massage is the thing you pay extra for in The States, here it’s just your every day rubdown, and DAMN are they good. 80% of them are under 10 bucks for an hour, and the rest are just a little bit more for a super fancy location and amenities like foot scrubs, and spa services. 

7 - You Like Being Free To Do As You Please

Nobody is looking over your shoulder in Bali. Theres no pressure to be “doing something” and no-one will ever ask you what kinda car you drive, or how much you make. Bali is a place where you can be your most authentic self, whatever that means to you. Whoever you are, there are people here you can bond with, and though it may seem lawless, it’s really just libertarian. You be you. 

8 - You Like Perfect Weather (with a touch of humidity)

The weather here is always warm, even when it rains for a few hours in the afternoon during wet season (November-April). The humidity is on par with Miami, or New York, but offset by the fact that EVERYONE has a pool, and there’s usually and ocean for you to hop in just 100 yards away. During the summer months a cool breeze makes its way up from Australia and the humidity takes a holiday. 

9 - You Like Interesting Food From All Over The World

The horrific Dutch colonization of this island left at least one decent legacy, a culture of amazing food. I really had no idea when I arrived that I would be able to get a five-star restaurant experience across from a satay shack and in the middle of a rice field. Chefs from all over the world are drawn to the lifestyle here and stay to make a living serving the food that made them famous back home. Authentic Mexican, Japanese, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, and fusions of everything in-between make this a total foodie hot spot. 

10 - If You Don’t Like It You Can Move

That sense of commitment you have in your head that tells you that if you move there, you might not like it and therefor you shouldn’t go, is pure bullshit. Winston Churchill said that “commitment and consistency are the hobgoblins of small minds” and he was never more right than in this situation. If you don’t like it - YOU CAN LEAVE. The “what if it sucks” argument just doesn’t hold water. You can rent villas by the month, for super cheap, and NO-ONE is forcing you to stay, it’s not the Bali way. If you aren’t happy, go somewhere else, and keep moving till you find your perfect home. 

Got questions about life in Bali? Planning to move here and want to know how to make it work? Hit me up!