WOW. That was one HELL of a trip from LA to Bali. By far the longest series of flights I’ve ever taken. 14.5 hours to Taipei then a 3 hour layover and 6 more hours to Bali. The Taipei airport puts the Beverly Center to SHAME by the way. I was floored by how many name brands had stores. I’ve also never seen so many whiskey brands with stunning setups showing off their wares, and sharply dressed Taiwanese ready to tell you all about when Johnny Walker Blue will change your life (check the pics). 

The Bali airport was exactly the opposite. Covered in glass and vines, you know you’ve arrived in paradise from the moment you step off the Hello Kitty branded plane. My driver was waiting and I was through customs and immigration in 10 minutes. 

HOLY COW!!! Literally, it’s a Hindu island in a Muslim country, so cows walking down the street is something I’ve already seen. There are NO rules of the road here, cars push their way between throngs of mopeds as everyone tries to make their way down streets that are only sometimes paved and all way to small for even the average car. 

SCORE!!! As Scotty has been saying over and over - WE WON BIG with the location of our villa. Not only is the place, spacious, comfortable, and clean, it’s right in the center of Canggu. We are so close to everything it’s amazing. Five minutes walk and I’m on the beach. Five more minutes and I’m at the Dojo (expat internet co-working space). That’s all I really know right now. :P

It hasn’t hit me that I live here yet. I wonder how long that will take. But I’ve already made my first friend Cory, a reporter from the east coast who lives in Jakarta and hangs in Bali. He also assured me that I picked the best place on the island to live. 

Well that’s all I got for day one, morning one. More to come!!!

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Posted by Josh Gray-Emmer on Sunday, January 31, 2016