It was bound to happen. When you're moving half way across the world, shit will come up. In my case, the two biggest things I need to make this work are not yet accomplished. My home is NOT rented, and my HELOC is not finished. 

The HELOC is more a product of slow banks and the holidays, hopefully. The rental of my loft is all together more scary to me. I really need to get a good rate for my loft to be able to justify this move. 

Right now my loft is on the market for $5,995. So 6k. I'm hoping I can get it. But I'll settle for $5,500 if someone pays me up front, or something similar. Hell, if I don't get any real offers until January 20th, who know's what I might settle for!! That kinda scares the shit out of me. 

Other things I'm still trying to figure out 

Where the hell are my two awesome cats gonna go??Should I keep my phone, or transfer to a Google Phone Number? Exactly which visa will I qualify for? Am I leaving my stuff in the loft or selling everything to my friends? 

Stay tuned for more.... wish me luck!

You see see my loft at

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