The day started early, I got up and boarded the train across the harbor to the Peninsula Hotel. One of Hong Kong's oldest and most incredible establishments. There I was escorted upstairs to the kitchen of the Felix Reasturant. I was served breakfast while I met and chatted with the other guests as we waited to the executive chef to come out and spend the next 3 hours teaching us the secrets of the Peninsula's kitchen! As you can see from the pictures I learned a TON and had a really really good time.

After classes we had a 4 course lunch at the Peninsula's Veranda Restaurant and I spent the next several hours conversing with some really interesting people from all over the world. 5 hours after I had arrived I said farewell to The Kowloon side of Hong Kong and headed back to the island for a cup of coffee and some blogging at my favorite Starbucks.

Since there were no races (they were being held too far away), I decided to go to Artwalk, but unfortunately, it was sold out, so I made plans to run back to the hotel, change and meet up with Danny and friends at the Country Club for dinner before an evening of debauchery. We went back to Danny's for a quick sec and I got to ride in his VERY stylish vintage vet (see photo). Eyes all over Wan Chai were on us, it was HOT HOT HOT.

We started at Minx for a drink with Danny, then off to Dragon-I for another and to meet up with some friends (Danny walks in, and says hi to at least one person at all 7 of the top tables in the place - PLAYA). Then off to the opening of Qube + followed by a trip back to Dragon-I. Around midnight Danny called in (he's got work in the morning) and I hung for a bit before heading back to Beruit for a drink with Jay and Alexis. The off to Propaganda for some dancing (but it was dead)... Once again, another great day in Hong Kong!!

Posted 12th March 2008 by Josh Gray-Emmer