Hong Kong Day Nine -

Pain. OMG. Why did I drink so much. Well it was one hell of a party after all.. but still.. OMG, my head!!! I went back to sleep and awoke at 1:30 to Danny and Jay telling me to get my ass over to The Hong Kong Golf Club so we could hop on Danny's yacht for a day of relaxing in the sun. It was amazing. So chill on the water. At first we were docked next to another boat of hot young models partyn with us, but after a while we decided to find our own water. We docked close to the beach and chatted for hours. We even had pizza delivered to the pier and I took the speed boat over to pick it up. Danny and Nolan and I got a tour around the south side of Hong Kong, pushing the speed boat to it's breaking point and getting airborn as we hit the waves. Around 5 we headed back to the harbor and went out separate ways to get ready for another evening out in Hong Kong's Lan Fai Kwon. After cleaning up I decided it was time for a meal. Believe it or not I was still feeling the effects of last night so I decided I needed something greasy. Something utterly terrible for me. Something who's taste and smell had been engineered in a New Jersey factory to remind me of my childhood. Just as I was about to reach my favorite blogging spot Starbucks I spotted it.. beckoned by the Golden Arches.. I headed in. Mr. Crispy with Tomatoes. Much better than in the US, no doubt.

After some delishiousness I headed back to Starbucks, blogged for an hour and went to drop my stuff back off at the hotel. I was tired, but it was time for another long night of partying. I started at LeDoux for a meeting with some fellow members of aSmallWorld (www.asmallworld.net). After a few drinks and some good conversation, I headed over for some hookah with Danny and Jay at Beruit and then off to Dragon-I. We closed out the night at 4am at Volar, and I was in bed by 5am. Brilliant! :) This time I was sure to drink plenty of water.

Posted 16th March 2008 by Josh Gray-Emmer