After the day before, I decided I needed to make Day Eight a productive one. I started making lists of all my friends sizes and who would get what gifts so I could be more efficient when I returned to China. Then I got directions to the Central Exchange (massive bus station) and hopped on the MTR. Once again I was impressed with the cost and efficiency of the Hong Kong public transit system. An hour later I was getting off on the south side of the island at Stanley Beach, home to the famous Stanley Market.

This maze of shops winds its way around the beach selling souvenirs and trinkets to tourists and locals alike. One of the things that fascinated me were the carved stamps with words or names on them. Customizable, affordable and distinctly chinese... jackpot, many of you are getting these as gifts FYI. After I tired of shopping I decided to walk along the beach, sat on the pier for a few hours finishing my book before heading back to Central.

When I got back to my hotel room I was a bit frustrated. I had been texting Jason and Danny all day about wether or not they would be able to get me into the huge store opening and party for Louis Vuitton. It had been the talk of the town all week and at this point I was determined to go. As of this point I had heard nothing. I got a text from Danny saying he was still trying MUCH earlier, but no answer after that. Thats when I discovered that my cell had run out of Hong Kong minutes. I was soo mad. I used the lobby phone to call Jason, and he said Danny had a ticket for me.. score!

I recharged up the minutes on my phone and went back up stairs. There I chatted for a bit with a French Canadian model Krystopher, that I had met online (we have mutual friends in LA) and he decided to come over and keep me company before it was time to go to the party. SUPER cute and we had a blast. We then hopped in a cab and headed to the party. Once there, I was shit out of luck. No word from the boys, they had already left, I was screwed. I walked up to the nearest publicist and bullshitted my way into getting the very valuable, all powerful invisible LV stamp. That was my access into the event!!! Krys, also managed to get in with some models he knew... I could tell this was gonna be an awesome night.

When we arrived (via private vans) There was a huge building that had been made to look like a LV bag. (see pics). Passed the red carpet and inside the friends awaited. So of course did a spectacular, several million dollar event. Complete with shimmering LV decorations everywhere and an amazing light show, all capped off by a performance by Kanye West. They even had an inside/outside party environment showcasing a scripted neon Louis Vuitton sign framed by the Hong Kong skyline. I met a bunch of Krys' friends and a ton more of Danny and Jay's if that's even possible. The champagne flowed and we all got very very toasty. Finally around 1:30ish we headed to the after-party at Volar, then back to Dragon-I of course (seems like no night is complete without a trip to DI) and then back to Volar. Sometime around 3 I ended up dancing at propaganda... I do remember running into Jay and Lexi on the street before getting into a cab, but not much else. So far, one of the best days in Hong Kong, hands down.

Posted 15th March 2008 by Josh Gray-Emmer