Sunday -

I woke up around noon and went for another round with my super hottie Tico boy. We spent the next hour making out and getting our lazy asses out of bed. Finally I said good bye to him and went to check in with the girls. They were not happy campers. It seems that their room had been infested with tiny sugar ants (at least they were the non-biting kind). This was not how they planned on spending their night or their' last several days in Costa Rica. We agreed that we would ride back the two hours to Los Suanos even though it would mean only getting an hour of sun, if nothing else, to just have a nice place to stay. While Tim made the call to see about arranging our stay we went out to wander around the town of Santa Ana where we were staying. Found a nice place for lunch and headed back. Unfortunately there was no longer any available rooms at the resort. Tim recommended a place for us in San Jose called The Alta. We checked it out online and after saying our goodbyes we headed over. It was gorgeous. So nice and only 55 a piece for the night. We dropped our stuff off and Steph and I went crazy taking pictures of the place. It really is nice, it looks like an old mansion and we were convinced that it was over 50 years old, until one of the staff told us it was build 10 years ago to look aged. They had us fooled for sure. We hung by the pool and the girls worked out. It was one of the best sunsets I've seen since we got here. After going back to the room we got dressed and went to the resturant in the hotel for our final meal in costa. It was also the best. Great ambience and even better food. We talked for several hours and headed back to the room.... and that my friends is where this trip comes to an end. We'll head to the airport tomorrow morning at 8am and be back in LA by the early evening. It's been a great trip. I'm really sorry it has to come to an end.

Posted 9th December 2007 by Josh Gray-Emmer