So after missing my flight here, sitting in the airport for 9 hours over 2 days and a 14 hour flight, I’m finally in the Middle Kingdom!! 

The City is monstrous. The people are on a fast pace and there’s something to eat or buy on every street and every corner. I love it. :) Yesterday I checked into my hotel and met up with Max and some of his friends. After an awesome dinner, and checking out Max’s kick ass pad in the middle of party central (otherwise known as Sanlitun Village), we met up with some more friends for drinks. My body had no idea what time it is so around 1am Beijing time, I headed back to my hotel to crash out. 

I awoke today at 7am and am waiting for Max to meet me for breakfast before I head out shopping for the day. PS - to all my friends. It’s freaking cold here in November…. Just an FYI. :)