I remember when Pete’s Cafe first opened. There was a tower of bottles behind the bar and the whole neighborhood (all 300 people) was there. My friend Raina took me, because back then I was new to DTLA and still needed local guidance. 

Over the last many years I’ve had so many wonderful times in the back four-top on the patio (my favorite table). I met one of the few people in DTLA that I’ve dated there (he later decided he was straight and moved to New York). I’ve had meetings and drinks at Pete’s with all sorts of DTLA glitteratti like Hal Bastian, Justin Weiss and Azzi Kashani. 

I have to admit, I never got around to trying the whole menu. I stuck to the Hellman burger or the breakfast menu for pretty much every meal. I do remember some awesome braised short ribs and of course the mac n cheese is pretty perfect. If I liked blue cheese I’m sure I would have salivated over the fries that are slathered in it (I know all the rest of my friends did). 

The service was always spotty at best, and seemed to change every couple months. I know there have been several head chefs and countless managers, but it’s always been there, with the promise of slightly overpriced but delicious food and good times. 

Rumor on the street is that Pete’s Cafe will cease to exist on Wednesday. At least in its curent form. A friend of a friend who works there has already received their walking papers with a bunch of other Pete’s employees. Now, I do have insider info that we’re not loosing the corner eatery at 4th and Main. It’s just going to evolve. Who knows, next week it could look exactly the same. On the other hand, we could see some menu shifting, management shuffling or maybe even a complete rebranding if a new entity takes it over. 

Stay tuned!!