Start out at Church and State. If you’ve lived down here a while, it used to suck, but now it rocks, if not, just go enjoy, you’ll be fine. Start with the oysters, they have the only ones in our tiny neighborhood that could rival Water Grill and they’re way less pretentious (read affordable). It’s a decadent way to start the date. Champagne if you can afford it. Let them educate you on what your eating and ask them to make suggestions. Don’t let yourself be up-sold on the most expensive thing on the menu, but usually fresh means good. 


Then you’re off a few blocks away to the Downtown Los Angeles Gun Club. Yes you heard me. Guns. It’s fuckn hot. Pick out some targets, grab some guns, buys some bullets and kill some bad guys. Be sure to sign and date your best targets for each other. 


Now you need something special for the closer. I assume that you’re both smart, good looking, well traveled people and therefor both Downtowners, so it can’t be the usual rooftop cocktail. I suggest Villians. It’s new and sexy and near where you’ve been kickn it all night. Lounge upstairs for some privacy and great people watching. Get drunk. Go home. Have fun!