For those of you who are new to my column, I’m a long time Historic Downtown resident (that’s what we’re supposed to call it by the way “Historic Downtown” according to the DCBID - repeat it - consistent branding is important people!). Anyway, not to date myself, but I DO remember when there were NO lines in DTLA. That is no longer the case. 


It’s not all bad, lines mean that people want to come down here, are willing to wait, and are helping our local economy. However, we are just a small town. If you were in the picket fence version of DTLA, lines and dress codes would seem ridiculous. The goal in small towns is to get the locals in and keep em coming back. Sending away a regular because the shoes they’ve got on are the raggedy Vans that they love does not bode well for repeat business. 


There’s got to be a happy medium. Luckily, we’ve already got one. The DTLA Resident Card can help business owners identify locals, and guess what they are already using it! (Shameless self promotion here as my company runs the program) Exchange LA, already has a Locals Line and its FREE before midnight. Next time you’re waiting in line at somewhere super cool in DTLA ask em if they’ve got a Locals Line, maybe they’ll add one!


Now back to the dress codes. Sometimes you just gotta keep the riff raff out. Dress codes are the best way to do this. DTLA owners listen up! A consistent door staff who is empowered get to know the locals, make exceptions to the usual rules, and is above all friendly will carry these clubs the rest of the way to keeping their neighborhood business.